Fixed or removable? Why choose? Discover our new patented system of fixed or removable prosthesis retained by clip

Allows to screw-retain the prosthesis or to fix it by clip, as you want.

Avoids unfavorable implant angulations

Makes immediate loading much easier

The Fixpeek® is a prosthetical device that has on his active upper part a convex ring. It is fabricated in Peek material and it screws onto the intermediate abutment. Due to its very tiny size, It allows the cylinder or zirconia t-base that goes over it to be retained by clip.

At the same time, if we remove it, the same cylinder or zirconia t-base can always be screwretained in a conventional manner. So the system remains always open to both options. The system can be used in both removable and fixed prostheses, allowing multiple prosthetic scenarios.

Which are the advantages of Fixpeek®?

  • The immediate loading facilitated
    Fixpeek® greatly facilitates the processes of immediate loading, optimizing the times for the clinician and the patient.
  • Avoid unfavorable emergencies.
    Vestibular emergencies can be avoided definitively replacing the screwed system by the clip retention.
  • Time optimization in prosthetic trials.
    Provisional-definitive prosthesis tests in full arches can be done in less time thanks to the clip system, thus optimizing the clinician’s work and improving patient care.
    Zirconium ti-bases can be glued in the mouth in order to achieve perfect passive fit.
  • Cement in the mouth of zirconium bases with passive adjustment.
    1.- Place the ti-bases in the mouth over the Fixpeeks retained by clip. Close the cheminees with teflon
    2.- The prosthesis is cemented with an anaerobic cement ej (panavia)
    3.- Remove the prosthesis by unclipping-it
    4.- Clean and replace the Fixpeeks by the screws for final setting.
    5.- Depending on the particular case and the size of the bridge restoration you can always keep the Fixpeek® if you want to avoid vestibular emergence of the screw
  • Fixed prosthesis that can be removed optionally.
    The Fixpeek® attachments allow an entire arch prosthesis (eg. zirconia or resin structure) to be exclusively retained by Fixpeek®, in a fixed way (without movement), and the patient can have the same hygiene as with a cemented or screwed prosthesis, but allows the option of remove it by itself, to clean the abutments and the prosthesis separately which was impossible until now.
  • Permanent dual system
    There is no need to choose one type of retention in a definitive way. The Fixpeek® is a versatile and reversible system. Retention by clip or screw in each particular implant is always possible, and of course combined screw-retained-cliped cases can be easily accomplished.

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