Hylock System

Restore your patients' smiles in a simple and lasting way.

An implant that provides great primary stability in an easy and predictable way. A highly self-tapping design, very easy to penetrate any type of bone due to its progressive conical core shape and its very sharp and separated coils.

Hylock connection

Hybrid type internal connection with double parallel cone sealing and watertightness. Absolute sealing that avoids bacterial colonization inside the implant.

Cylindrical-conical screw

It distributes the stress, better supporting the lateral shear forces compared to a flat seat, avoids loosening and with its favored insertion allows the screwing in very angled implants.

External body

Internal core with progressive conicity and external part formed by the thread spires, the cutting thickness increases progressively to facilitate stability and penetration in all types of bone.

Highly self-tapping design
Promotes atraumatic penetration into the bone, which ensures achieving high stability from the beginning.

Progressive penetration
Very sharp spiral design that avoids bone trauma and favors posterior vascularization. Quadruple helix at the apex that stabilizes the implant at insertion.

Less stress on the bone
The implant cuts but does not compress and maintains excellent vascularization around it, favoring long-term success of the implant.

Unfolded thread pitch
The thickness of the threads from the apex increases to a point of unbending, providing added vertical stability.

Built-in platform switching
Allows the biological width to remain unchanged from placement, prevents bone resorption and provides aesthetic and functional advantages.

High primary stability
Spires widely separated horizontally and vertically from its core, which provides much greater stability than if it were a cylinder.

Ease of use
Very tolerant with respect to osteotomy. Due to its design, it provides great stability even with large differences in reaming.

Mechanical reliability
Connection prepared to withstand high insertion torques or forward-backward maneuvers without deformation, deep, accurate and avoiding loosening.

The 3.0

Our secret weapon

Hylock 3.0

Surgical box incorporating the drill stops

Intuitive and with all the necessary elements to tackle any type of clinical situation.

Wide range of lengths and diameters

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