A little big implant

A two pieces 3.0 that allows as much prosthetic options as bigger diameters.

Made in titanium grade V (ELI) for greater resistance and manufacturing precision.

Optimized mechanical behavior by design

We have conceived a 3.0mm as a two-parts implant, indexable, robust, and with all kinds of prosthetic possibilities and attachments, just like any other diameter on the Hylock system.

The fact that the implant has two parts and is indexable means that the prosthetic options are practically unlimited.
The majority of implants of 3.0 existing in the market are either one-piece or they do not have capacity of indexation, or have a very reduced prosthetic options, due to their mechanical behavior being limited.

Therefore, our first objective from the beginning was to optimize the mechanical behavior of an 3.0 two parts implant, approaching the maximum values corresponding the ones with a single part (monoblock).

To achieve this purpose, we have approached the concept of an implant as a complete set system. Which means it’s not only composed of two elements (implant and abutment), but of three (implant, abutment and screw). The three of them work as a whole, observing the way in which hey interact with each other and with the charges.

The 3.0 diameter HYLOCK® has a mechanical strength superior to other 3.0 implants on the market. It is certified by real mechanical tests according to ISO14801: 2016, an standard dynamic and static load test for endosseous dental implants.

In the real studies of mechanical strength under this standard, our smallest implant in the range, the 3.0 mm x 8.5 mm, gave a maximum load figure of 315 N (SD 6 N), amazing for its size.

The result even surpassed the FEM virtual simulation made previously, that was of 312 N.

Like all implants in our system, it is made of Grade V Titanium (ELI) that offers maximum strength and the highest machining milling precision.

Real studies of mechanical resistance: